We publish personal essays, short stories, poems, and black-and-white photography in print and online in our monthly magazine.

We’re looking for narrative writing and evocative photography from all over the world. Send us work that maps the human landscape, where the light catches on the faintest joy, where darkness sometimes threatens to overwhelm, and where never marks the spot because the truth is never so simple.

First-time authors and award-winners alike find their place in The Sun. We are particularly interested in submissions from marginalized voices.

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Essays, Fiction, & Poetry

Writing that can turn heads, open hearts, and change minds.

We publish personal essays, short stories, and poems by established and emerging writers from all over the world. Click here for submission guidelines and payment rates.

Readers Write is a feature in The Sun where readers share their personal writing on a given topic — a unique fixture of the  magazine since the section’s inception in 1978. Send us your true story  on an upcoming topic, and if we publish it you’ll receive a  complimentary one-year subscription.

Not sure what to write? See below for some prompts to spark an idea. Writing style isn’t as important as thoughtfulness and sincerity, and topics are intentionally  broad to give room for expression and interpretation.

You can read a sample Readers Write section here.

Upcoming Topics


Walking Out

Due July 1, 2024

Have you ever needed to leave a marriage, a friendship, or a community? Maybe it was the right decision, or maybe you’ve always regretted it. Have you cut ties with a religious group you’ve lost faith in? Ever walked out on the job to join a picket line? Don’t leave us hanging—send us your true stories by July 1.



Due August 1, 2024

The musty waxed-canvas ones at summer camp. The lightweight tech-y sort you pack in when you’re mountaineering. The big white ones you string with café lights and flowers for a wedding reception. Leaky ones, the ones with a circus inside, the kind with a raccoon sniffing around outside the door, the kind where you can take the rain fly off and see a giant sky hung with stars. Pitch us your true stories about tents by August 1.

We’re interested in black-and-white photographs. We’re not looking for photojournalism, just unique perspectives on the world around us — especially human interactions.

Please review our full submission guidelines and sample photographs before sending us your work.

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